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Heeelloo Canva! And thank you from all the content marketers of the world

So I just discovered my new start-up fixation of the week. Usually these fixations last about a week, but who can say? Canva is really awesome. It’s invite only, right now, but scroll below the break and I’ll tell you how to get an invite.

If you’re like me you create a lot of content but you’re not a graphic designer. Stop the presses! [Read more…]

[#ContentHacks] 3 Fun Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

[This is the first post in my #ContentHacks series, where I break down fun work arounds and hacky ways of improving your social media and content marketing processes and workflows. Le sigh, so much to do and so little time.]

Remember when it was just Twitter and Facebook? Amirite?

The social web is a massive, sprawling mess. It’s really all over the place, and trying to get things done in an organized fashion can be a major headache. There’s new social sites and apps to keep track of almost daily, a million new WordPress plugins to ramp up sharing on your site,  new content marketing ‘gurus’ to follow (if you don’t you’re, like, totally screwed), companies with dev cycles lasting in the hours—not weeks like it used to be—with products ever changing, ever improving, always new (have you ever tried to keep track of improvements to Google+? Be honest. Nope. I don’t try any more either). [Read more…]

[Taking over the world] Step 1: Win the Internet (or a tiny piece of it)

Ok, so here I am.

Blogging. Yup. And totally unsure of what to blog about. Oh, the irony. Why is that ironic? It’s sort of my job to create content plans for companies and I think I’m pretty good at it. [Read more…]