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Heeelloo Canva! And thank you from all the content marketers of the world

So I just discovered my new start-up fixation of the week. Usually these fixations last about a week, but who can say? Canva is really awesome. It's invite only, right now, but scroll below the break and I'll tell you how to get an … [Read more]

[#ContentHacks] 3 Fun Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

[This is the first post in my #ContentHacks series, where I break down fun work arounds and hacky ways of improving your social media and content marketing processes and workflows. Le sigh, so much to do and so little time.] Remember when it was … [Read more]

[Taking over the world] Step 1: Win the Internet (or a tiny piece of it)

Ok, so here I am. Blogging. Yup. And totally unsure of what to blog about. Oh, the irony. Why is that ironic? It's sort of my job to create content plans for companies and I think I'm pretty good at it. … [Read more]