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[Taking over the world] Step 1: Win the Internet (or a tiny piece of it)

Ok, so here I am.

Blogging. Yup. And totally unsure of what to blog about. Oh, the irony. Why is that ironic? It’s sort of my job to create content plans for companies and I think I’m pretty good at it. I create intense editorial calendars for content marketing and cross my fingers in the hopes that my clients use them (or iterate on them, or at least get inspiration from them). So, why in heck is that so hard for me? For one, I want to provide value, and I’m not really sure who my main target audience is, or what they want. See the paradox? I don’t really have time for the ‘daily updates from my life and / or, recipes, or just as another place to dump stuff from my social media efforts, kind-of-blogging-style.

“Dude, hold the fort! Who are you?” Sorry, Learn more about me here. Or on Twitter, or Google+.

There’s three things that come to mind when starting this whole bloggin’ endeavor. Three topics. I’m thinking I’ll start with a mix of this stuff (no promises on delivery, see above for absolutely no editorial calendar here).  Over time I’m hoping the data will tell me what I should be really writing about for you all.

What, you say? What do I mean by ‘you all’? Sam, come on, man, you don’t have any readers yet dude, soo… Right. What I mean is my future audience. A bit optimistic you say? Maybe, #DealWithIt.

What I’m sayin’ here folks is there’s no rules I’m working with. I don’t know what direction this is going in. You’re here at your own peril. What peril? Fragmented topics and early forays into my own little corner of paradise on the web. I digress digitally.

Back to the topics.

I’ve got three things that I would be willing to put on the wide, wide, web. My interest in social media and content marketing. My interest in building a digital marketing shop. And fantasy writing / fiction.

Woah. What? Fantasy writing?

Is that too weird of a combination? What I’m saying here is that I have divergent interests and this is MY party, so I’ll blog about what I want to!

This site is brand new, so it’s a work-in-progress; stuff is probably broken on it, copy probably needs to be changed, the big picture on the front is only half way done (I want to create a  widget area for copy over the image to fill the grey space, but no luck). But heck, it’s a starting point.

I guess I’ll just create separate areas in the blog to handle these different topics. Will that work with you all?

Fantasy Writing & Fiction

I’m writing my first fantasy book. It’s at about 31,000 words so far and will probably be around 120,000 when it’s done. I’ll be teasing this for a while, get used to it ;). I’ll be sharing snippets, ideas, thoughts, etc. Then some day in a million years from now, I’ll publish it (optimism, see?). I’ll probably be inundating you with micro-fiction too. I hope.

Here’s a little piece of it (keep in mind this is, like, WAY before any kind of editing process):

Silence fell, the last hair raising notes of the riverhags song spent on the morning breeze. All that was left of the one eyed captain of the Kasir was a black mound in the reeds that might, or might not have been, Markesh’s muddy back. The Kasir drifted out and met the rivers current and sprang into life, her nose drawn inexorably down river, her crews eyes transfixed on the patch of reeds that was falling behind them, and the low, black mound that might be the dead man, who, but moments before, had been snapping orders at them to catch up to the lead boat which had been frantically signaling for them to draw alongside for a meeting.

Content Marketing & Social Media

For several years now I’ve been creating social media and content marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. They seem to like what I do. Sorry my portfolio section isn’t complete. I’ll get to it one day. I Swear. Point is, I’m interested in creating valuable web content, and I’ve learned a few things over the years. So, I’ll share some of that, and if it resonates, I’ll keep doing that.

Digital Agencies

I started a company with my business partner, Ephraim Zeller, called UnifiedNoise. We’re a digital think tank, a content / development shop. We’re all about creating tailor-made digital marketing strategies for our clients, specific to their needs and business situation. I’m super interested in the process of launching this runaway beast, so I’ll be writing about that sometimes too.

Over to you…

What do you think I should be writing about on here? How should I structure this / segment it for different topics / email lists, etc. Hell, tell me anything you want to. I’m all ears.

All I want is to have my own tiny piece of this ‘ere internetz.  Thanks for listening.


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