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Sam RexfordHi, I’m Sam Rexford, a Social Media Strategist and passionate Community Manager. I’ve worked with numerous companies across diverse industries solving their toughest social media problems.

Currently, I’m consulting for several clients and launching UnifiedNoise Agency with some business partners in the San Francisco Bay Area. UnifiedNoise is an integrated digital marketing firm focused on providing tailor-made marketing plans for a diverse client base.

I started UnifiedNoise with my partner to bring a new kind of agency to the digital marketing agency typecast. I believe that, like technology development, marketing can be lean and iterative, and that in today’s world of crowd-sourced options and cloud based platforms, it can also be cost effective and operate at a minimal overhead. To that end, UnifiedNoise was born — a collective of agile freelancers laser-focused on finding and executing tailor-made digital campaigns designed to propel their clients to the front line of their respective industry through creative use of disruptive technology.

I live in Seattle, and when I’m not scouring Twitter and social media blogs for ‘the next big thing’ in social technology, or the latest and greatest from digital agencies, I’m going on walks with my daughter, learning web hacks in CSS / HTML, drinking copious amounts of coffee and agonizing over a fantasy epic that’s in the works.  In my offline life, I enjoy playing music with friends, especially of the too-loud heavy metal variety.

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